More Queries
on Larger Datasets

The Trovares xGT property graph engine is designed to support extremely large in-memory graphs. xGT uses parallelism and optimization to deliver unmatched scale and speed. Researchers can submit more queries on much larger datasets and get results faster than with other tools. The single-user version xGT gives data scientists and business analysts large graph search capabilities with super fast ingestion rates.

When Data Size Matters

  • Cyber Detection
  • Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Fraud Detection
  • Financial Services
  • Wireless Carriers
  • Healthcare
  • Government

Built with parallelism and optimization
for orders of magnitude faster searches.

Greatly outpaces other tools at 250m edges and higher.

Why we do it.

Trovares is staffed by high performance computing and analytics leaders who are experts in writing parallel code for maximum performance. Parallelism lets xGT leapfrog existing tools on very large in-memory graphs.

Benefits of parallelism and optimization.

  • 88x performance improvements
  • Billion-way parallelism
  • Orders of magnitude faster searching

Free Test Drive

Try xGT for free on a range of AWS instances from 1GB to 4TB. Click link below to get started.