Nothing Compares
to Trovares xGT

The Trovares xGT property graph engine is designed to support extremely large in-memory graphs. The single-user version xGT gives data scientists and business analysts large graph search capabilities with super-fast ingestion rates. The xGT executes complex queries in either Cypher-like TQL or Python, delivering unprecedented performance and scalability. And, of course, it's seriously powerful with very large data.

When Data Size Matters

  • Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Cyber detection
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • Unique deep packet inspection capabilities
  • Fraud detection
  • Medical research
  • You name it

Designed from the get-go
for significant data set challenges

It’s all in the platform

Why we do it.

Discovery of insights in massive amounts of data requires a seriously powerful and scalable analytics platform that isn’t brought to its knees when it’s time to crunch the data. That’s what we do. And that’s why we do it.

What it’s good for

  • Cyber security
  • National security
  • Biological sciences
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Precision Medicine
  • Lots more

Test Drive with Big Data

We offer a free trial on a range of AWS instances from 1GB to 4TB of memory on a per hour basis. Click link below to get started.