FAQ: Data and Workflow

  • How do I ingest data into xGT?

    Trovares chose a single format for ingest which can be generated from virtually all databases, applications, and filesystem: CSV files. Note: For security reasons, all data ingested into the xGT’s in-memory graph must be staged through a designated Sandbox.  


  • Can I add data to an existing graph?

    Yes. There are several ways to accomplish this. One way is to simply read from a CSV file. Another way is to run a TQL query that includes a CREATE or MERGE operation. 


  • Does xGT display output in graphical format?

    xGT does not have its own visualization package. XGT was designed to make it easy to pipe output values into third-party products that are appropriate to the user’s workflow such as Graphistry and Anaconda Datashader,  through panda frames.