FAQ: Product

  • Can I turn Query Management off?

    Yes, if you are a privileged user and have root access to the running Xgtd server.


  • What is the difference between xGT and Xgtd?

    xGT is the open-source Trovares client. Xgtd is the licenses Trovares xGT server.


  • How is xGT sold?

    xGT is sold as an annual subscription including a right-to-use license, rights to new releases during the subscription period, and support.  


  • How is xGT priced?

    xGT is priced like many competitive products, by core. Customers can pay for the level of performance they require. Introductory (first year) subscription pricing is available for most 2 socket servers. Site and volume pricing is available. 


  • How is xGT licensed?

    xGT is licensed using the LM-X license manager (included). The license manager is node locked. The xGT server is not. This allows xGT server to be fully floating and allows for simultaneous multiple instances.


  • How often are xGT software releases?

    We issue a new release approximately every two months. Rights to each new releases are included as part of users’ annual subscription licenses. Licensees are notified of each new release and can install it at their discretion. 


  • How is xGT distributed?

    As two RPMs: one for the license manager and a second which includes the xGT server, client, and supporting software files.