FAQ: Setup and Operations

  • What is the difference between xGT and xgtd?

    xGT is the open-source Trovares client. And xgtd is the licensed Trovares xGT server. Both are included in the xGT software distribution. 


  • How do I communicate with the xGT server? 

    From the Trovares, open-source Python client, available on PyPI as well as included in the distribution.  


  • Can multiple users use xGT simultaneously? 

    Yes. Multiple clients can connect to a single instance of the xGT server. This can be useful to allow multiple users access to a large dataspace (in-memory graph) without having to re-ingest the data for each user/server instance (see next question). Note that multiple users running queries compete for server resources so performance of a given query may not be repeatable.  


  • Can I run multiple instances of xGT simultaneously?  

    Yes. The license for the xGT server is fully floating and allows for multiple simultaneous instances. Additional xgtd instances can be started as long as the number of cores requested at startup are available according to the license server. Multiple instances can be useful for users running on different dataspaces (data ingested into each instance is different) or for an environment with a large enterprise instance and one or more smaller, local instances. Note that, by default, xgtd uses all available cores up to the number of physical cores on the host system. To enable regular multi-instance operation, it is generally necessary to specify (limit) the maximum cores to be allowed in each instance in the server configuration file. 


  • I am having trouble with starting or confirming operation of the xGT server. How can I confirm proper operation? What if I need help? 

    The xgtd server and license manager both produce logfiles that are customer accessible and readable. You can find them at /var/log/xgtd. The license manager log is lmx.log. The xgtd server log will have a name of the form xgtd.************. log which contains a readable timestamp in the filename. If you are unable to determine the source of the issue you are trying to diagnose, attach these logs to an email and send it to support@trovares.com. The logs are fully readable you can see, and redact, if necessary, information in the logfiles. 


  • Can xGT run on AWS? 

    The xGT distribution is completely portable. It can be installed on any supported server, on-premises or in a cloud, including AWS. The xGT server (xgtd) should be installed on a server with the resources to support the desired performance level. Trovares can assist in estimating resource requirements. The xGT license manager is lightweight and can be installed on the same server as the xGT server, or a different server, again on-premises or in the cloud, as long as it can communicate with the xGT server.