Trovares Awarded Graph Search Patents

SEATTLE, Washington—January 12, 2021—Trovares, a leading provider of high-performance graph analytics, announced that it had been awarded patents, confirming its unique technology for graph search. Since its founding in 2016, Trovares has been focused on developing a search engine for property graphs, Trovares xGT, focused on the most challenging of property graph searches, subgraph isomorphism (pattern search) while providing the highest levels of performance and scalability. Another patent is pending.

“The graph search optimization system we’ve patented was designed with big data in mind,” said Jim Rottsolk, CEO of Trovares. “National cybersecurity problems require network forensics that can detect hackers with malicious intent snow-shoeing through networks. Financial fraud, where ownership is disguised by many layers of subterfuge LLCs is also another big data problem.”

“xGT searches property graphs at high speeds, capable of traversing several trillions of edges per hour, allowing an analyst to perform complex searches and get their answers quickly enough to take action,” said David Haglin, CTO of Trovares. “Trovares xGT is designed to operate on extremely large in-memory graphs. With rapid ingest rates and the ability to execute complex unseeded search queries driven by Python scripts or Jupyter notebooks, xGT provides unprecedented performance and scalability while retaining ease-of-use for data scientists and business analysts.”

Trovares xGT is available to demo on-premises or in the cloud (on Amazon Web Services). For a short video demonstration of xGT finding lateral movement, click here: Lateral Movement

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